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Regenerative Permaculture Immersive experience

Have you been looking for a regenerative and deeply transformative experience?

Do you want to learn, get inspired and see what it's like to live and manage on a regenerative permaculture designed site

You are invited for a  deeply nourishing 7-day immersive guided  & tailored personal experience that's guaranteed to give you the encouragement & clarity you need to get started, shift the process or find the guidance & inspiration you need. 

This Regenerative Permaculture experience is a toolkit for the regenerative mindset, and we shall co-create &  teach you how to maximize it for your best benefit.

Reach out to us and choose a week that suits you. 
Once we agree on the dates, we shall organize a tailored personalized experience on an ecological project guaranteed to inspire you and give you the clarity and steps forward for your project or experience.

This will be a great opportunity to learn from an experienced visionary & teacher who has over 20 years experience in designing and teaching about ecological landscapes,  efficient eco-architecture, bio-gardens, indoor/outdoor food systems, and food forest gardens. Peppi has designed and consulted in varied climates from Bali, Australia, Isle of Man, UK, Greece, Sicily, Malta & Portugal.


About your guide and mentor

Peppi is a visionary from the island of Malta. He is an experienced & certified ecological designer holding a Master of Science in Ecological Architecture and a certified permaculturist, alternative farmer, teacher, consultant, and also the founder of the Permaculture Research Foundation for Malta. He has taught a number of courses over many years, designed and consulted projects in more than 10 countries, and spoken at high-level circles including the Common Wealth Foundation.

(Full bio Link Here) . For a 30-minute video on Peppi's project in Malta click Here



These 7 days will have a semi-structured program with many permaculture lessons and grounded  practical guidance. Whether you are new or have experience, there will be lots of ground to get you inspired & create something valuable & regenerative according to your needs to regenerate your life and your projects.

Whether you are inspired to buy land (anywhere), would like to understand more about off-grid living or simply want to have the experience and learn valuable knowledge, you will definitely feel a shift in perception and a lot more confidence on various topics once you have this experience.

This program is not just about the outside landscape. We also get to practice meditation and various tools to help us bring the inner balance and clarity needed for our life’s success attracting the beauty we’d like to experience.

We shall cover the principles of permaculture design and experience myriads of designed examples reflecting the principles at work through the designed functional gardens and spaces.

List of the areas &  topics we shall cover during the experience

  • Meditation & Observation skills

  • Permaculture principles (at work) wherever you are!

  • Learn about soil, soil life, and how to improve it

  • Learn how to create compost

  • Design your own food garden beds

  • Use Renewable resources that are around you

  • Grey water Filtration systems

  • Co-create abundant spaces

  • How to care for plants, trees, and maintain them

  • Cultivate a forest garden

  • Learn about Syntropic agriculture

  • Rain Water Harvesting and treating

  • Passive energy harvesting and ecological architecture

  • Water in landscapes and ways how to harness it

  • Community living and organizational processes

  • Food production and planning

  • Seed Saving and seeding

  • Tools, choosing, using, maintaining & organizing

  • Irrigation. methods and best practices

  • Fermentations for improving the soil biota

  • Sharing of Information material (pdf's, books and papers)

  • Other relevant topics that you might be interested in that I can help with  

We shall also hold space for a personal experience or a very intimate group (max 4 people) work and self reflection within Nature. This will help us release what does not serve us for own growth while apply new methods embracing positive co-creation. 


Book a call to check in for your experience

Why Permaculture?


In a nutshell, permaculture is the conscious design of landscapes for the benign integration of biodiversity which includes human habitats.

True sustainability needs symbiotic relationships between different life forms ensuring a progression and ability to enhance life rather than degrade it. This is reflected in the diversity and resilience of nature and how we as humans can adapt the same methodology.


Permaculture is a design science that elaborates on this philosophy to produce prolific, abundant, and productive systems ensuring true regenerative development.



Zee Barn is a research and development project promoting permaculture, agroforestry systems, and integrated living designs. Zee Barn also integrates green technology such as solar power, syntropic forestry, food gardens, intelligent irrigation, composting toilets, soil improvement techniques, and more, to maximise and further its efficiency while serving the holistic cultivation of a designed food forest and a nature-human connection space.

Whether you would like to have a personal experience or join with others, we keep our groups limited in number, so we advise you to book in advance if you are interested as our calendar tends to get busy.



1 on 1 tutoring 

A week of personal training and dedication to dive deep into this lifestyle and regenerative re-program. (1000 euros) Can be pre-paid in installments of 250 euros per month.

You can opt to spend another week on-site to get more hands-on practice on whatever is the main topic and availability of the season. (200 euros)


Group tutoring

2-4 persons

A week of training and dedication to dive deep as a group or newly formed community experience, yet working towards a regenerative lifestyle. (750 euros per person)

You can opt to spend another week on-site to get more hands-on practice on whatever is the main topic and availability of the season. (200 euros per person)



Your investment can also be achieved through  2 or 4 installments over 4 months prior-to your experience. 
Reach out to us to organize your investment plan and we will happily guide you through.

Green Leaf Close Up

Regenerative Mindset

Re-programming your mindset into a regenerative system is the key for setting the foundations in-order for everything else to flourish 

Permaculture Design

Structuring the vision through permaculture design will ensure a sustainable evolution and succession of your projects.

Ecological Creativity

By being creative yet aligned with natural ecology, your creations are geared with nature's own energy and thus can generate growth and healthy ecosystems.

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Let us know you are interested by commenting 'Regenerative Permaculture Immersion' in your message

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