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Zee Barn Portugal
Yoga & Permaculture

We are an off-grid permaculture project with a passion for food forests, regenerative systems and community regeneration. Our retreats & events include yoga & sound meditation. 

This sacred land is our home

At Zee Barn we have crafted our offerings to give authentic off grid experiences while inspiring a deeper connection, learning, growing together and bringing a positive regenerative change in our world.

Located only 45 minutes drive from Lisbon airport, our land is tucked in a quiet valley and rapidly transforming into an abundant lush forest garden and this is where we host our events, retreats and courses. Surrounded by agricultural land, we are sharing regeneration techniques and showcasing amazing radical transformations of how we can live regeneratively, grow food and have beautiful environments at the same time. This harmonious co-creation is the essence of permaculture ; bringing people and nature in symbiosis.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Embracing Earth's Abundance

In gratitude for the sheer abundance, diversity, color & light of Earth's biodiverse ecosystems.

 Off the beaten track  eco-Project in Portugal

Symbiotic Harmony
with Nature

We strive and pledge to co-create symbiotic relationships with Mother Earth throughout the conscious design of our lifestyle and daily business.

Ancestral Wisdom for a Harmonious Future

Guided by our ancestral wisdom, we manifest our knowledge into a harmonious environment and share this with who crosses our path.