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About Zee Barn, our eco-project in Portugal

Zee Barn was born out of a love for living simply in balance with Mother Nature. At Zee Barn, we cultivate & co-create the living dream...that of recreating the garden of Eden.

From Damaged Land to a Thriving Community Hub: The Transformation of Zee Barn

Envisioned as a functional food forest and ecological center, Zee Barn is already a beautifully transformed space from a previously damaged land. Peppi landed on the site in 2018 while following cues to find a land that was calling for Zee Barn’s vision to manifest.

At that time, Peppi had already transformed other landscapes and created various projects around the world, including the Bahrija Oasis Project in Malta (an 18 year old award winning mediterranean oasis). 

Upon arriving on the actual site, Peppi felt a connection to this land. It was calling for love and a transformation. The place was previously a construction  company yard that had lots of construction material and junk, however, Peppi saw it’s potential and felt its calling.

Co-creating a Restorative Sanctuary:
Zee Barn's Journey from Vision to Reality

Initially Peppi thought that he could run the Bahrija Oasis project in Malta and slowly develop the vision of Zee Barn slowly, however, the universe had other plans as the Covid pandemic travel restrictions called for a difficult decision to be made.


It was not easy to let go of an already established Oasis in Malta, however, the call was strong enough, while restricted travel called for a choice. At this time, Peppi & Melania met and their coming together has also brought the anchoring of the project and the focus on co-creating the dream.

This co-creation includes permaculture and regenerative design, forest gardens, yoga & meditation while connecting with other Earth-friendly beings. We also love to journey with sound and breath during retreats & immersions designed to restore the body & mind.


Zee Barn is a restorative dimension. It calls out to those who feel that it’s time to re-connect with their likeminded kin, to release old hindering patterns, find inner peace, get inspired and rejuvenate themselves.


Zee Barn's vision


 A Paradigm Shift in Sustainable Living

Zee Barn is a quantum leap over the conventional. It is designed in a way that mimics a healthy eco-system. Productive yet diverse, beautiful yet functional, delicate yet resilient, earthy yet colorful and natural yet vibrant.


Zee Barn was born out of a need for an integrative and functional way of life. A system through which a community of people and other life forms can live in synchronicity with each other. A permaculture example of how the land can be restored, soil can be rejuvenated, eco-systems can be resuscitated, structures can be integrated, water can be harnessed, trees can live in symbiosis and human beings can become land collaborative stewards in a process where our actions leave a conscious positive impact on nature.


 With a permaculture mindset and ethics, the designers & founders of Zee Barn are well-experienced in this field and are creating a dimension that is inclusive of others while supporting genuine, authentic local initiatives that reflect similar ethos.

A Holistic Sanctuary of Wellness and Harmony

Yoga, sound, permaculture & forest gardens, meditation, and other holistic disciplines are synchronized together to serve a new way that brings vitality, connection, happiness, comfort, health, and a sense of purpose within our community.

Zee barn is a happy place.

Peaceful and sunny with adequate rain and plenty of rainbows.


It is productive in the juiciest of fruits and vegetables, while birds sing joyous songs of gratitude to its fruit-bearing trees.

Zee community is hard-working yet loves living life in balance…

The ‘farm’ is just a term used to express identity, yet Zee is much more than that; a place that grows healthy nutritious vegetables and superfoods, but is also home to a bio-diverse community. Humans at Zee practice meditation in various ways. They also love movement and music and looking after the land and each other above all.

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