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Our Eco Project in Portugal

Zee Barn is a place of Harmony in Nature. Here you can experience tranquility at our Permaculture and Yoga Retreat Center where we tend to co-create productive gardens and food forest systems. Our work merges human activities with an awareness of nature's mechanisms to regenerate beautiful landscapes.

Our Eco Project in Portugal

At Zee Barn, we embrace the principles of permaculture, a sustainable agricultural 

approach that works in harmony with the natural environment. Our farm is a living example of regenerative agriculture, where every element serves a purpose in creating a balanced ecosystem.

A Symphony of Flora and Fauna

As you stroll through our lush fields and vibrant gardens, you'll witness the diversity of plant and animal life that thrives in our permaculture haven. From heirloom vegetables to native pollinators, every inhabitant plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance. 

A Symphony of Flora and Fauna
Permaculture designing

Permaculture design

Permaculture design is probably the single most important thing for us and many others that are regenerating the land, their lives and their business simultaneously. 

Permaculture is a holistic approach that strives in the incorporation of symbiotic elements and their relationships. It is a design that focuses on strengthening the ecosystem and creating feedback loops that build up on the natural capital.

There is a lot of emphasis on the human factor and the awareness of the human integration capacity. We humans are part of nature and have a great potential to co-create paradise on earth. Permaculture design can help us achieve that dream and manifest it as reality.
We offer workshops, consultations, and also a Permaculture design service' for your project, home, or business. Send us an email at if you need this service.

Soil to Soul

We believe that the secret is closer than we think, in fact it might be so close that most of us looking further are not seeing it. 


Let us tell you “The secret is in the soil” 


The soil is where it all begins. Of course there are a number of other elements like sunshine and water, however, the soil is an element that we can easily work with and improve. Most soils today are not healthy.. They are depleted and impoverished of the mineral and carbon spectrum needed to support plants and trees and flowers. 

When we take care of our soil, we are already doing a great job of sustaining our natural capital. The soil does not belong to us, and yet it is our responsibility to nurture and protect, not just for ourselves but also for the future generations.

At Zee Barn we make sure that our soils are nurtured. We incorporate a number of methods to improve its quality. One of the main things that we love to do is to create compost and return as many elements as possible. Compost is a great thing that anyone can do wherever you live. Of course there are different grades and scales of composting however each is important. During our workshops and courses we enjoy explaining and teaching the various composting methods that we can do for our own projects.

Soil to Soul
Garden to Table
Herbs & vegetable garden passion
Cultivate Your Connection with the Earth

Herbs & vegetable garden passion

Gardens bring us closer to nature and if we design them well, they can be a very ecstatic space to enjoy. In our vegetable garden, nature performs a vibrant ballet, showcasing an array of colors and shapes that captivate the eye. Picture plump tomatoes in shades of ruby red or golden yellow, crisp green kale swaying in the breeze, and the rich hues of rainbow chard providing an edible canvas. Every vegetable is a work of art, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of visual and vibrant delight. 

Close your eyes, and let the aromatic symphony transport you to a place where each herb whispers promises of culinary ecstasy. Whether it's a crisp salad, savory pesto, or a zesty salsa, our garden dishes are a celebration of the flavors born in our lush vegetable and herb haven.

Sacred waters

Rainwater Harvesting - Nature's Gift Embraced

In our sanctuary, rain is not merely a weather event; it's a revered ritual. Our rainwater harvesting systems, like attentive guardians, collect and cradle each raindrop, transforming a downpour into liquid gold. The gentle rhythm of raindrops becomes a melody of abundance, captured and preserved for the cycles of growth that follow.

Here permaculture design plays an important part at understanding the landscape and massaging the spaces that harvest the rain. Our farm has been designed to continuously harness and harvest, and we work with our observations to further this mission and expand the abilities through the marriage between imagination and observation.

Whether its a roof, a driveway, a rain barrel or a swale, each element is performing a very important function to bring on more resilience and opportunities of a greener and more lush landscape.

Drip by Drip, Nurturing Life

Watering Plants
Vegetable Garden

Garden to Table

One of the biggest things we can do in our times is grow our food where we live. 
At Zee Barn we strive to expand the varieties of foods that we grow and we also serve them to our guests. This ecological service is a quality that is immensely valuable to experience and see that its possible. 
Food that is grown ecologically means food that is grown without chemicals, is grown in the right season, and utilized in the area where we are, thus reducing transportation costs and energy.

Cultivate Your Connection with the Earth

At Zee Barn, our Forest Garden isn't just a destination; it's an opportunity to cultivate a deep connection with the earth. Participate in workshops, engage in hands-on permaculture practices, and embrace the sustainable lifestyle that our garden inspires. It's a journey of self-discovery, ecological awareness, and the joy of co-creating with the land.


Wander through our permaculture-designed haven, where every element serves a purpose in the delicate dance of sustainable living. From guilds of companion plants supporting each other to cleverly designed pathways that guide you through a living classroom of ecological principles, our Forest Garden is a testament to the beauty of harmonizing with nature's wisdom..

Sacred waters

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