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Zee's Designers & Caretakers


Peppi is originally from the island of Malta. He is an experienced ecological designer, a certified permaculturist, alternative farmer, teacher, consultant, and also the founder of the Permaculture Research Foundation for Malta. He is the visionary behind the Bahrija Oasis project   Malta which was an ambitious permaculture project on a dry, windy, and arid landscape since 18  years ago. His vision & design has bloomed the landscape with carefully designed & naturally occurring biodiversity and attracted many individuals, groups, reporters &   documentary filmmakers.

Peppi has also ignited the vision for ZEE   and  he is now busy planting the forest, saving seeds, building interesting structures, growing food, teaching, sometimes surfing,  and reaching out to others who form part of  the Zee Community

 Melania is originally from Tuscany, Italy but she has a nomadic soul. She was two years old when she was introduced to India for the first time. 
Thanks to her unconventional family she has traveled since a young age.  She has grown up exposed to Oriental culture, Indian tradition, and Macrobiotic diet and philosophy.
In 2008 she left Italy, moved by an inner call to go for deeper Spiritual growth. Melania has been involved in various Permaculture Projects where she discovered an inner joy and power in connecting with mother earth.
She loves to take care of the Zee gardens and the Zee kitchen where she cooks creative, colorful Macrobiotic vegan dishes mostly made with our vegetables and herbs. She believes that the universal energies of nature are absorbed through the foods we eat and transmuted into our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Melania is also a committed yoga practitioner and teacher. Her desire to learn and teach yoga took her to India a number of times but she finally completed her 800 h yogic studies in 2017 in Australia at the Byron Yoga Centre with her senior teacher John Ogilvie.


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My Name is Tao. I'm a very special cat & also very lucky to be part of Zee's family. Melania saved my life when I was a baby as I had a very bad accident and had some broken bones. I am deaf, so I am mostly living in a ZEN dimension, but I love to transmit pure love to whoever needs it...receive a cosmic hug from me


Ola, I am Zulu,

I'm the oldest member of Zee Barn, but I'm very young at heart. I love hugs, the beach, and rolling in the dust. I also love food and playing ball, so next time you come round we can play together.

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We are Tiger & Jimmy...people call our breed Indian Runners..we love to eat snails and sometimes we get too excited and dig the garden beds too...but we don't mean to cause any please excuse us as we just had 3 babies and we need to tend to their needs...

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