Courses & Events

Upcoming Events

  • 4 Day Yoga & Permaculture Immersion
    30 Sep, 14:00 – 03 Oct, 14:00
    Zee Barn, Ericeira, Portugal
    A deeply connecting experience for healthier & happier living.
  • Permaculture Immersion Course
    18 Oct, 09:00 – 23 Oct, 16:00
    Ericeira, Portugal
    Permaculture Immersion is a 6 day course that will give you the Energy, Space & Inspiration, while share a mindset of abundance and co-creation through permaculture principles. This permaculture journey is for you to explore, go deeper or embody as it resonates with you most.

Events & visits

  Drop us an email if you wanted more info, or would like to share something with us.  Zee is happy to hear from you.🌞