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Water Drops

Forest power the pump & pump the forest power
Fundraising campaign & event


Water is the blood that runs and gives life to everything.

It’s very simple….No Water = No Life!

We all know that on some level, we all feel tired and foggy if we are dehydrated. The Earth and all beings are the same. 


We need to have healthy water running through the ecosystem in order to provide life and growth. Our work at Zee Barn is centered around creating a bio-collective; ecosystem where humans and other lifeforms can thrive in symbiosis and regenerate the biome around us.


We are regenerating the forest, cultivating a forest garden, creating permaculture living examples, and demonstrating regenerative living through, workshops, courses, retreats, and offerings of joyous participation through our volunteering community.


Recently we ran into a hiccup: Our main water pump failed just before summer starts….and we already have a few hundred tree seedlings and a few thousand trees planted with more still in the nursery waiting for their time to go and join our forest…


Needless to say, without the water pump system in place we cannot manage the works at the rate and efficiency that we have planned. 


We have temporarily fixed the situation, however, we need a pump replacement with an integrative unit for automation: (safety switches, float switches, electrical tech devices) and we are also aiming to have the system run off the grid on solar power. This means we need to install a pump room, with solar panels, inverter, controllers, and batteries) 


We are here creating this document as part of our fundraising campaign in order to magnetize the funds & support we need in order to manifest this dream and continue this beautiful work that we believe the world, our people, and future generations need.


We are not just planting trees, we are regenerating an ecosystem: with a forest of bio-medicine, resources, hope,  ancestral knowledge, information, and positive inspiration, while attracting biodiversity and making the world a place we all enjoy.


If this vibes with you, please help us raise the funds we need to continue. If you cannot financially contribute, please share this plea with your friends and family, and perhaps send us a heartfelt prayer for our success.

We send you all love and greatness for your life. Peace & Love,

The Zee Barn Community

Power The Pump & Pump The Power

Help Us Grow The Forest Efficiently

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 6.57.57 PM.png

Water pump system costs breakdown

Phase 1

  • Purchase & installation of a new DAB 132 water pump

  • Purchase & installation of all regulating safety switches ( heat, amps, float, etc)

  • Purchase & installation of the pressure tank and switches

  • Purchase & installation of the filtration system


        Pump: 250 euros

        Switches: 300 euros

        Pressure tank: 300 euros

        Filtration system: 250 euros

        Installation: 200 euros


        Total 1300

Water pump system costs breakdown

Phase 2

Phase 2


  • Building of a pump room

  • Purchase & Installation of Solar System Rack

  • Purchase & Installation of an Invertor

  • Purchase & Installation of Solar Charger controller unit

  • Purchase & Installation of batteries

  • Purchase & Installation of Extra Filtration apparatus


Building : 1800

Solar panels Rack 900

Invertor: 2500

Solar charge controller:


Filtration system: 

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 6.56.19 PM.png