Permaculture is a design science for sustainable & regenerative living. Permaculture design enables us to co-create productive yet ecological havens for our communities and    families as well as for the benefit of biodiversity.

We designed and created   Experience Permaculture  for those who would like to visit us and get a feel of what it's like to live on a Holistic Permaculture Centre.

We understand that not everyone can take a whole week out to be with us on a course or that some of you may just like to spend a day or half, having a space to breathe, relax, connect with nature,  learn a few things or to simply relax and breathe fresh air while enjoying the space.


These experiences vary from half a day on the farm (including food from our gardens) to staying with us for a few days while getting    a deeper immersion.

If this is something you wish to explore more please read    below or    drop us an email. You can choose to have a half-day experience with us on the farm starting with a tour around the place and understanding the design process of integrations between living and non-living elements. This  event will also provide you with a nutritious meal with ingredients from our gardens.

A half a day tour starts at 10am -2pm, or alternatively   4pm-7pm (spring summer).    In    this tour,   we will show you around, give you insights, and   also  some hands-on in the garden depending on what's happening.   You will also get a vegetarian nourishing meal  with ingredients from  our garden.

This tour costs 25 euros per person and we need 4 people or equivalent value to organize it for you.