Zee Barn bio-collective is a holistic project born out of love for living simply in balance with Mother Nature. Zee Barn brings a collection of practices and disciplines that nurture life in its fullness. 

These practices include permaculture and regenerative design, yoga, meditation, superfoods cultivation, connecting with Earth-friendly communities as well as journeying with sound and breath.

Zee Barn is a restorative dimension. You enter Zee Barn in a state of mind and exit in another more balanced and connected…


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Zee Barn is a quantum leap over the conventional. It is designed in a way that mimics a healthy eco-system. Productive yet diverse, beautiful yet functional, delicate yet resilient, earthy yet colorful and   natural yet vibrant.


Zee Barn was born out of a need for an integrative and functional system. A system through which a community of people and other life forms can live in synchronicity with each other. An example of how the land can be restored, soil can be rejuvenated, eco-systems can be resuscitated, structures can be integrated, water can be harnessed and percolated, trees can live in symbiosis    and human beings can become land collaborative stewards in a process where their actions leave a conscious positive impact on nature.


Highly influenced by permaculture design principles and ethics, the designers & founders of Zee Barn are well experienced in this field and are creating a dimension that is inclusive of others while supporting genuine, authentic local initiatives that reflect similar ethos.


Permaculture design, yoga philosophy, bio-dynamic gardening, aquaponic cultivation, agro-forestry, meditation, and other holistic disciplines are morphed together to serve a new way that brings vitality, connection, happiness, comfort, health, and a sense of purpose while giving agriculture a spin-off its conventional axis.


Zee Barn has been designed using permaculture wisdom and maximizes on using natural elements to fuel its growth and resilience.

Zee barn is a happy place.

Peaceful and sunny with adequate rain and plenty of rainbows.

It is productive in the juiciest of fruits and vegetables, while birds sing joyous songs of gratitude to its fruit-bearing trees.

Zee’s people are hard-working yet they love living life in balance…


The ‘farm’ is just a term used to express identity, yet Zee is much more than that; a place that grows healthy nutritious vegetables and superfoods, but is also home to a bio-diverse community. Humans at Zee practice meditation in various ways. They also love movement and music and looking after the land and each other above all

Wooden House in the Forest
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We live in celebration and awe of the

Earths' bio-diverse ecosystems.

In gratitude for the sheer abundance, diversity, color & light.



We strive and pledge to co-create symbiotic relationships with Mother Earth throughout the conscious design of our lifestyle and daily business.


Guided by our ancestral wisdom we manifest our knowledge into a harmonious environment.


This is our way of life.

We invite you to share it.