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Zee Barn was born out of a love for living simply in balance with Mother Nature. At Zee Barn, we cultivate & co-create the living dream...that of recreating the garden of Eden. 

This co-creation includes permaculture and regenerative design, yoga & meditation while connecting with other Earth-friendly beings. We journey with sound and breath during retreats & immersions designed to restore your body & soul.

Our exquisite & scrumptious homegrown and finely prepared food is a trip of its own... come & enjoy

Zee Barn is a restorative dimension.

Feedback from Beatrice

Peppi Msc AEES (Masters in Advanced Ecological Architecture & environmental Studies) is originally from the island of Malta. He is an experienced & certified ecological designer holding a Masters of Science in Ecological Architecture and a certified permaculturist, alternative farmer, teacher, consultant, and also the founder of the Permaculture Research Foundation for Malta. He has taught a number of courses and spoken at high level circles including the Common Wealth. He is the visionary behind the Bahrija Oasis project in Malta which was an ambitious permaculture project on a dry, windy, and arid landscape since 18  years ago. His vision & design has bloomed the landscape with carefully designed & naturally occurring biodiversity and attracted many individuals, groups, reporters &   documentary filmmakers. 

Peppi has also ignited the vision for ZEE BARN   and  he is now busy planting the forest, saving seeds, building interesting structures, growing food, teaching, consulting others on their projects, sometimes surfing,  and reaching out to others who form part of  the Zee Community

Feedback from Simon
Leaves on the ground
Feedback from Jim

 Melania is originally from Tuscany, Italy but she has a nomadic soul. She was two years old when she was introduced to India for the first time. 
Thanks to her unconventional family she has traveled since a young age.  She has grown up exposed to Oriental culture, Indian tradition, and Macrobiotic diet and philosophy.
In 2008 she left Italy, moved by an inner call to go for deeper Spiritual growth. Melania has been involved in various Permaculture Projects where she discovered an inner joy and power in connecting with mother earth.
She loves to take care of the Zee gardens and the Zee kitchen where she cooks creative, colorful Macrobiotic vegan dishes mostly made with our vegetables and herbs. She believes that the universal energies of nature are absorbed through the foods we eat and transmuted into our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Melania is also a committed yoga practitioner and teacher. Her desire to learn and teach yoga took her to India a number of times but she finally completed her 800 h yogic studies in 2017 in Australia at the Byron Yoga Centre with her senior teacher John Ogilvie.


Anthony Goh
Feedback from Kerrie


Zee Barn is a quantum leap over the conventional. It is designed in a way that mimics a healthy eco-system. Productive yet diverse, beautiful yet functional, delicate yet resilient, earthy yet colorful and  natural yet vibrant.


Zee Barn was born out of a need for an integrative and functional way of life. A system through which a community of people and other life forms can live in synchronicity with each other. A permaculture example of how the land can be restored, soil can be rejuvenated, eco-systems can be resuscitated, structures can be integrated, water can be harnessed, trees can live in symbiosis and human beings can become land collaborative stewards in a process where our actions leave a conscious positive impact on nature.


 With a permaculture mindset and ethics, the designers & founders of Zee Barn are well-experienced in this field and are creating a dimension that is inclusive of others while supporting genuine, authentic local initiatives that reflect similar ethos.


 Yoga, sound, permaculture & forest gardens, meditation, and other holistic disciplines are synchronized together to serve a new way that brings vitality, connection, happiness, comfort, health, and a sense of purpose within our community.

Zee barn is a happy place.

Peaceful and sunny with adequate rain and plenty of rainbows.









It is productive in the juiciest of fruits and vegetables, while birds sing joyous songs of gratitude to its fruit-bearing trees.

Zee community is hard-working yet loves living life in balance…

The ‘farm’ is just a term used to express identity, yet Zee is much more than that; a place that grows healthy nutritious vegetables and superfoods, but is also home to a bio-diverse community. Humans at Zee practice meditation in various ways. They also love movement and music and looking after the land and each other above all

Wooden House in the Forest
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We live in celebration and awe of the

Earths' bio-diverse ecosystems.

In gratitude for the sheer abundance, diversity, color & light.



We strive and pledge to co-create symbiotic relationships with Mother Earth throughout the conscious design of our lifestyle and daily business.


Guided by our ancestral wisdom we manifest our knowledge into a harmonious environment.


This is our way of life.

We invite you to share it.

We share the love

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